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Study Hall Guidelines

1. Why do we have a Study Hall? 

Study Hall is a chance for students to work on homework, study for or write tests, and catch up on assignments.

2. When and Where:

a) Study Hall is during lunch hour from 1:10 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. in Room 20.
b) Most of the time, students will be assigned by a teacher. 
c) However, students can also willingly attend on their own accord by checking themselves in.

3. Working with Others:

a) If students need to work with others, the teacher will let them know, or they can request specific permission from the supervising teacher.

4. Quiet and Focused:

a) Students must keep the room quiet so everyone can concentrate (be respectful to others who are working, no talking or being disruptive)
b) Students must stay until the end of their assigned time or until the end of the Study Hall block.

5. What to Bring:

a) Students must bring everything they need like books, pens, and assignments. 
b) If a device, like a laptop, is needed for an assignment, the teacher will mark it off on the study hall spreadsheet. Otherwise, students must not bring one.

6. Using Devices Responsibly:

a) Devices should not be used for watching YouTube videos, playing games, or engaging in other distractions. If students are found using their device for such activities, they will have it confiscated for the remainder of the lunch hour.  
b) During break time(s) students are only allowed to use their laptops in the study hall room. Students cannot use it in the hallways, or other classrooms unless a teacher is present and has given them permission. 
c) The internet will be turned off during lunch hour, and it will only be accessible to students who need it for study hall purposes.

7. Asking for Help:

If a student needs help or has a problem, they should speak to the supervising teacher.

8. Consequences for Skipping:

a) If a student misses Study Hall without a valid reason they will be added to the following day's Study Hall list. 
b) Alternatively, if there is a sports practice or game scheduled on that day and the student is involved, they will be required to serve Study Hall time after school on that day.
c) Failure to consistently attend the assigned Study Hall block will lead to more severe consequences, including the potential loss of co-curricular activity privileges or suspension.