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Empowering Education Through Advanced Technology at Our School

At our school, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience enhanced by cutting-edge technology. We are blessed to offer the following resources to our students and staff:

Computer Lab:

  • Equipped with 30 desktop computers, our computer lab is a hub for hands-on learning and research. Students can access a range of software and tools to expand their knowledge.

Mobile Labs (Grades 7-12):

  • We believe in the power of mobility. With four mobile labs, our Grade 7-12 students can explore and learn anytime, anywhere. These labs support our 1:1 device initiative, ensuring each student has the tools they need to excel.

Innovative Device Transformation:

  • Embracing innovation, we have repurposed old Windows devices into Chrome OS using Google's Chrome OS Flex plan. This eco-friendly approach breathes new life into older technology, enhancing student access to digital resources.

Chromebook Mobile Cart:

  • Our mobile cart of Chromebooks offers flexibility and convenience. These devices are readily available to support specific projects, research, and collaborative activities.

Connected to G Suite for Education and Microsoft 365:

  • Our school community, including both students and staff, is seamlessly connected through G Suite for Education and Microsoft 365. These platforms enable efficient communication, collaborative work, and streamlined document management.

Monitoring and Management:

  • Our devices are managed and monitored using Lenovo's LanSchool platform. This ensures a secure and focused learning environment, allowing educators to guide and support students effectively.

At our school, technology is not just a tool – it's a gateway to enriched learning experiences. We are committed to staying at the forefront of educational technology, providing our students with the skills they need for success in a digital world.