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PowerSchool Parent & Student Portal

Coaldale Christian School is excited to announce the use of the PowerSchool Parent & Student Portal to strengthen its communication between the school and home. Using the Parent Portal, parents and guardians can now access information online regarding their child’s grades, attendance, and much more.

One of the great features of PowerSchool is parents only need to create one Parent Portal account regardless of the number of students they have at CCS - meaning only one log in to remember!

The Parent Portal also follows each student as they move from year to year so there is no need to recreate an account each year. Students who are new to the school, regardless of grade, will receive a letter from their school outlining the information needed to link a student to an existing account and/or set up a new parent account. If you did not receive a letter please contact the school office (please note that currently this is only used for Junior and Senior High Students).

Scroll down this page to view the various documents which will help you in creating your account.

For more information about the PowerSchool Parent Portal, please contact our IT help desk.


How to Create a Parent Account

  • This is a visual step-by-step guide showing you how to set up your account and link your child (ren) to your account.

Add a Child to an Existing Parent Account

  • This is a visual step-by-step guide for parents who already have an account set up but wish to add another child. This avoids you having to create multiple accounts for each child.

Parent Portal Interface Guide

Top 10 Reasons the PowerSchool Parent Portal and Mobile App Are Great for Parents