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Athletics Handbook

 Athletics Handbook

As Christians, we believe that God is in all of life. He is our maker, His world is our laboratory, His word is our guide, His Son Jesus Christ is our Redeemer and we must live lives of love and service to Him. We want to pass along this philosophy to our children. To do that we need a school that is based on God's Word, one which incorporates the Bible's teachings into each subject area. Our children are God's children. Consistency demands that we send them to a school that meets our religious and philosophical objectives, a school where they may learn to know, love, and serve God. 

Interscholastic Athletics within CCS must fit in with our Christian world and life view. It should be viewed as an extension of the curriculum, which attempts to meet the mission of the school. Each human being is created by God to praise and serve Him. Body, mind, and soul are interdependent and form a whole, which cannot be separated. The whole person is called to be an instrument of service to God and others. Athletics should be viewed as a response to that calling.

I. Policy Rationale:
  1. to make certain that the focus of the CCS Interscholastic program is consistent with the
    mission of the school.
  2. to aid the athletic director, coaches, athletes, and parents in living out their calling as Christ's own through the mission statement of the school.
  3. to allow for accountability on the part of the athletic director, coaches, athletes and other
    participants, parents, and fans.
  4. to provide guidelines for the athletic director, coaches, athletes and other participants, parents and fans, by which that accountability can be measured.
II. Purpose of the Interscholastic Program:
  1. to allow participants to develop a godly character through their participation in sports since athletics is in God's domain of authority and through play spirituality and godliness can be expressed.
  2. to further equip students in developing an understanding of service to Christ through athletics.
  3. to encourage students to allow their faith in Christ to grow through their participation in athletics.
  4. to encourage the concept of team spirit, which recognizes the uniqueness of each participant and demonstrates that each participant contributes to the team.
  5. to encourage the idea that each participant has a responsibility to each other and to the team.
  6. to encourage the development of sports-specific skills that help the athlete strive for personal excellence.
  7. to build and develop Christian leadership.
  8. to humbly recognize that God uses our schools to reflect Christ to the secular community.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not men.” Col 3:23
“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord.” Col 3:17.