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Membership is open to all who subscribe to the objects of the Society, and who are confessing or baptized members of the Canadian Reformed Church.  Membership is also open to members of the United Reformed Church as long as all three congregations remain committed to work toward federative unity.  Membership includes the right to vote at the membership meetings of the Society.

  • Membership and tuition fees in the Society shall from year to year be determined by the Board and approved by the membership at the general meeting of the Society.
  • Should a member be unable to pay the fees, the Board may grant, upon request, a dispensation, partly or completely.
  • If a member is in arrears of fees and assessments at the beginning of the following school year, children of such member shall not be admitted to school until such time the account is paid up or arrangements have been made with the board.
    Revised by the membership - December 3, 1999.

Associate members can be those who are not eligible to become full members.  They are entitled to be present at any meeting of the Society and have the privilege of the floor but shall have no voting rights.

Any members wishing to withdraw from membership may do so upon notice in writing to the Board through its Secretary.  However, any payments or assessments levied against such member, shall be payable by him to the Society.

Any member, upon a two-thirds vote of all members of the Society present at a meeting, may be expelled from membership if he/she is found to be in violation of the Constitution and Bylaws.

The enrolment is open to children of parents or guardians who are members of the Society.  Any other enrolment is subject to approval by the Board.


Parent Fees - $7,200.00/year - $600.00/month
Member Fees - $3,300.00/year - $275.00/month
Single/Senior Fee - $1,800.00/year - $150.00/month
Single (Under 25) Fee - $900.00/year - $75.00/month

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. 

Psalm 119:105