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Coaldale Christian School – Facility Use Policy

 Facility Rental Agreement

Our resources, including our building, grounds, and equipment, primarily exist to serve our

When these resources are not employed by Coaldale Christian School (CCS) staff and leadership, they are available to be used in the ministry of the local Canadian and United Reformed Churches. 

Except for wedding banquets, requests can be made no more than six months in advance of the date requested. 

Requests will be honored in the order they are received; however, if there are multiple requests, members will take priority over non-members. Only functions and activities that the School Board deems appropriate and are in harmony with the school’s purpose will be considered. 

CCS reserves the right to refuse or cancel any rental. In the event that a scheduled function is canceled, CCS is under no obligation for any expense incurred by the sponsor of the event. 

Rental times that would conflict with the school’s use cannot be considered. 

For club sports, if a member takes responsibility for the gym rental then the member fees apply to all users including those that are not school members.

All parties using the school are required to:

  • respect the property and equipment being used,
  • maintain high standards of cleanliness,
  • engage only in activities which are lawful and do not directly conflict with the mandate
    of the Board which governs CCS,
  • report any damage to property and/or equipment immediately,
  • abide by the rules listed in the CCS School Use Terms and Conditions

Rental Costs

Please note:

  1. Damages to the facility or equipment will be billed to the person responsible for booking.
    Non-members must provide a damage deposit equal to the rental fee.
  2. Users are responsible for setting up and cleaning the floor, tables, chairs, etc.
  3. No food, drink, tables or chairs permitted in the gym unless booked as a banquet function.
  4. All Non-Member Rentals are subject to Board approval.