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1:1 Laptop Initiative

Grade 7-12 students as part of the Coaldale Christian School 1:1 Laptop Initiative are issued a laptop at the beginning of each school year. The laptop is on loan and remains the property of Coaldale Christian School.

Prior to issuance of a laptop computer, the receiving student and their parent/guardian must acknowledge that they understand the laptop usage rules here at CCS (by completing the form below)

Student & Parent Declaration

This form is to be filled out electronically via Permission Click for each student requiring access to a laptop.
Students will not be allowed access to a laptop until this form is returned.

STUDENT: I have had the Coaldale Christian School Laptop 1:1 Initiative Agreement explained to me by my teacher, understand, and agree to its contents. I understand and will abide by the Acceptable Use Policy Guidelines and the Laptop Care and Use Guide. I further understand that any violation of the guidelines outlined below may result in school disciplinary or legal action. I am aware of the consequences of not following these rules and expectations.

PARENT: As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the Coaldale Christian School Laptop 1:1 Initiative Agreement and I understand and agree with its contents. I have read the rules and guidelines and discussed them with my child. I understand that the laptop access is designed for educational purposes. I recognize it is impossible for Coaldale Christian School to restrict access to all controversial materials and I will not hold CCS responsible for materials acquired on the network.

BOTH STUDENT & PARENT/GUARDIAN: I understand that I am solely responsible for the care of the device provided by Coaldale Christian School. I understand and agree that I will bear the cost of restoring the equipment if it is damaged. I understand and agree that if the equipment is damaged beyond repair I will supply Coaldale Christian School with a device of the same brand and model, or I will pay CCS for the replacement of the device.

Student Agreement for Laptop Use:

  1. I will take care of my laptop by protecting it from extreme hot and cold temperatures, keeping food and beverages away from it, and transporting it safely around school.
  2. I agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy 
  3. I agree to follow the guidelines in the Laptop Care and Use Guide
  4. I will be the primary user of my laptop and never loan it to other individuals.
  5. I will make every effort to have a charged laptop ready for the school day.
  6. I will never leave my laptop unattended in an unsecured location.
  7. If my laptop is not working properly, I will bring it to the designated help location at the school. I will not attempt any repairs on my own or through someone other than the staff at Coaldale Christian School.
  8. I will not place decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on the school’s laptop.
  9. I understand that my laptop is subject to inspection at any time without notice.
  10. I understand that I am responsible for damage or loss caused by neglect or abuse of my device and will pay up to $250 for the damages/replacement of my device.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions in this document.

Agreement to these terms must be submitted by the parent and each child using Permission Click

In addition to the Acceptable Use Policy, the following guidelines are in place for student laptop use. Violation of these policies will be subject to loss of use of the laptop as well as other disciplinary consequences as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.

The procedures, guidelines, and information within this document apply to all Laptops used at Coaldale Christian School (CCS). Teachers may set additional requirements for use within their classrooms.

    a) Students are responsible for the general care of the Laptop they have been issued by the school. 
    b) Laptops that are broken or fail to work properly should be taken to the designated repair area in the school. 
    c) Laptops should never be taken to an outside computer service for any type of repairs or maintenance.
    a) Laptops are school property and are not to be taken home under any circumstances.
    b) The laptops are the property of Coaldale Christian School. Contents of student folders and laptops may be accessed at any time by staff.
    c) The student is the only authorized user of their assigned laptop. Students must never share or swap laptops with another student.
    d) Students may not mark the laptop in any way with markers, stickers, pencils, etc.
    e) All laptops will be returned to the appropriate locations at the end of the school year.
    a) No food or beverages should be near your laptop
    b) Cords, cables, and removable devices should be inserted carefully into the laptop. 
    c) Laptops should not be exposed to extreme temperatures (hot or cold). 
    d) Students should never carry their laptops while the screen is open unless directed to do so. 
    e) Use the laptop on a flat, stable surface.
    f) Laptops should never be left in an unsupervised area. 
    g) When placing laptops on the desk or in storage, students should do so carefully to preserve the life of the hard drive.  Laptops carelessly placed or dropped on the desk can cause damage to the hard drive.
    h) Students should not insert objects into the ports (openings) of the laptop that are not intended to be inserted.
    The laptop screens can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment and are sensitive to excessive pressure. 
    a) Do not lean on the top of the laptop when it is closed. 
    b) Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens or pencils, flash drive, etc.). 
    c) Avoid touching the screen. When cleaning is necessary, wipe the laptop surface lightly with a soft, dry cloth or anti-static cloth. Never use any commercial glass cleaner, such as Windex, or water to clean the laptop screen.
    d) When closing the laptop screen, students should do so making sure that they do not slam the screen shut as to prevent damage to the interior and exterior of their laptop.
    a) Laptops are intended for use at school each day. Students are responsible for bringing their laptops to all classes, unless advised otherwise by their teacher. 
    b) The laptop is an educational tool and must be used in that capacity only.
    c) Use of a laptop in school is subject to rules, procedures, and instruction of school staff members.
    a) Students are responsible for returning their laptops to their appropriate storage location at the end of each class and at the end of the day.
    b) Students are responsible for their laptops throughout the school day. The school will not be responsible for laptops that are left in classrooms, hallways, or lockers.
    c) Students are responsible for plugging in their laptops at the end of each day so that they can be charged overnight. 
    d) Any student who does not return his or her own laptop at the end of each day to the appropriate storage location will have it confiscated. The student will be required to pay $2 to have their laptop returned the next day (the money collected will be put back into the school's IT budget).
    a) Loaner laptops may be issued to students when their laptops are out for repair. 
    b) Students are responsible for the care of the loaner while it is in their possession and are subject to the same policy and procedure agreement signed for the original unit.
    a) Student files should be stored in Google Drive, OneDrive, or on the student’s assigned documents drive on the school server.
    b) Coaldale Christian is not responsible for the loss of student work.
    a) The applications originally installed by Coaldale Christian School should remain on the laptop in usable condition and be easily accessible at all times. 
    b) If technological difficulties occur or illegal software is discovered, the hard drive will then be reformatted.
    c) The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of any data or software deleted due to a re-format or re-image.
    a) Students may not use or install any operating system on their laptops other than the current version of Windows that is supported and managed by the school. 
    b) Automatic updates are set to run on the laptop, when these are set to run students must make sure that they let them run their course.
    c) Always be on the alert for suspicious emails that contain links and websites that ask for personal information such as name, date of birth or passwords.
    a) Laptops will be labeled in the manner specified by the IT coordinator at CCS.
    b) Students must not remove the school-applied labels (name and ID number), laptop serial number, asset tag number, and name and ID number label. 
    c) If stickers have or appear to be falling off, the student should take their laptop and sticker to the designated repair area in the school.
    Under no circumstances should laptops be left in unsupervised areas. Any computer left unsupervised is in danger of being damaged.
    a) A student will be required to pay for damages or a replacement of up to $250 if they deliberately damage or carelessly damage their own laptop or someone else’s.
    b) As per the Acceptable Use Policy (Computer Rules 1.8), students could be held partially or fully responsible for damages/loss to their laptops. If a laptop needs to be replaced or has significant costs associated, the student may be required to pay additional costs for the damages or replacement. This will be communicated to the student and parent concerned. 

c) Examples of Intentional or Negligent damage include: 

  • Liquid/beverage spills on the laptop. 
  • Deliberate damage, neglect, or abuse caused by you or others you allow to use your laptop. This includes intentionally marking, defacing, and/or abusing the laptop. Also, damage caused by tampering with hardware components to alter district configurations. 
  • Leaving the laptop unattended or failing to secure it as per school recommendations. 
  • Mysterious disappearance of the laptop - meaning the laptop user has no knowledge as to the place, time, or manner of the loss.

Procedure to open a service request with the Coaldale Christian School Technology Department: 
a) All repair requests must be made to the Technology Department through the school's ticketing system.
b) If a student experiences an issue with their laptop while in class, they will notify the teacher of the issue. 
c) If the CCS Technology Department does not have an immediate resolution, and the unit is inoperable, the student will be issued a loaner laptop, upon availability, to use during the school day until the problem with their laptop has been resolved. 
d) Students will be notified when their issue has been resolved. Service and repairs will be documented and reviewed to ensure the proper use and/or maintenance of the laptop. Excessive requests for service/repair are subject to review by the school administration.