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History Fair 2024


Have you ever wondered what life was like in Canada before any trees were cut down or any human eye had seen the wild and savage land? Have you ever wondered about the brave people who ventured into Canada’s unexplored territory? Have you ever wondered about GOD’s marvelous goodness in allowing you to live in this land of freedom, wealth, and beauty?

Now is your chance to explore your heritage while developing and expressing your God-given talents in questioning, exploring, reading, researching, organizing, interviewing, recording, editing, drawing, displaying artistically, speaking, sharing, and much more!


The goal of a History Fair is to have the pleasure of discovering more about a Canadian topic and to share your findings in a public exhibition. Projects can be specific to one time period or display a thematic development or progression.

When you think of a History Fair, you may picture exhibitions with many projects on backboards similar to a Science Fair.  Actually, there is a lot more variety in a History Fair because it is difficult to come up with a neat formula or a testable hypothesis.  As a result, most Fair conveners allow one or any combination of the following formats: 3-dimensional Presentations, Creative Writing or Performances, and even Multimedia Presentations.  All projects, however, must include at least a well-documented research paper and a 3-dimensional display. We will come back to these specific requirements later.


The CCS History Fair is scheduled for Wednesday February 28 - Friday March 1, 2024. The students will be expected to come to school with their entire projects ready to be set up on Wednesday February 28. Judging will take place over the course of the day on Thursday February 29, with the winners announced at the end of the day.


We are looking for a minimum of 6 judges for the Fair. If you are willing to be a judge please let Mr. Diek know as soon as possible and he will provide you with more information. Judges will need to be available on Thursday February 29, 2024 to judge the displays and interview the students. 

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